Liquid P2P

Liquid P2P is a innovative software solution offering automated investing and accelerated liquidation for Lending Club account holders.

Liquid P2P executes orders on behalf of users according to the user’s preferences and saved strategies. We do not operate as a financial planner and are not registered with the SEC as an investment advisor.

Any investor with an active Lending Club account may register to use Liquid P2P.

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Liquid P2P automates loan selection, diversification, order execution, reinvesting, and liquidation for Lending Club investors.

Lending Club is the only platform we currently support because it has a secondary market that works with our investing model. It is possible that we may support other peer lending platforms in the future.

Liquid P2P is a third-party software service. We are not owned by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Lending Club. We are also not affiliated in any way with Folio Investing, the company that operates Lending Club's Note Trading Platform.

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Please send any official correspondance via registered mail to:

Liquid P2P, LLC
P.O. Box 530
Port Allen, LA 70767

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