Getting Started

Full-Access Preview Accounts

Liquid P2P is currently only accepting sign-ups for our free, full-access preview version.

This means we'll be on-boarding a limited number of new users in intervals while we fine-tine our interface and focus on creating the ideal customer experience. While our look and feel may undergo some changes, our features will remain fully-functioning.

During this phase of scaling our business model, we may periodically disable new sign-ups and instead offer interested investors the opportunity to join our waiting list until we are ready to on-board a new group of users.

What's Included

Once you create and activate your preview account, you'll have full acccess to our automated investing and liquidation features FREE for one year. No credit card required. Cancel your account any time.

There is no additional costs associated with a free preview account. As a reminder, however, the following outside fees may be associated with use of our service but are not determined, billled, or collected by Liquid P2P.

Transitioning to Paid Account

Liquid P2P will contact you at least 30 days before your free preview account expires. At that time, if not sooner, we will introduce and explain our paid account options and explain how to continue if you so choose.

We require users to provide with their full name, valid email address, and mailing address. The personal information we collect is used strictly to contact or identify you, and Liquid P2P does not share this information with anyone except as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Liquid P2P automates investing on your behalf using Lending Club’s API. To link your account, we’ll need your Lending Club account number and API key. You may revoke Liquid P2P’s API access to your account at any time by generating a new API key.

Account Number

You can access your account number from the top of your Lending Club Summary page.


To access your API key:

  • Select your name from the top right corner of your Summary page
  • Then, select "Settings" from the dropdown menu.
  • Next, scroll down to the "API Settings" section to copy and paste your API key.
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If no API key appears (common for newly-created accounts), here are the steps to generate a new one:

  • Click the link to "Request API Access"
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  • Next, select the first option to confirm you are an individual investor.
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  • Read and agree to the Lending Club API Terms.
  • You will then receive a confirmation message at the top of your "Settings" page. Scroll down to "API Settings" again and click "Refresh" to generate your API key.
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We will support multiple accounts soon. We will let you know when this feature is available.

We only have access to the data Lending Club makes available through its API including account balance, note information, and account activity.

For security purposes, Liquid P2P does not have any access to your bank account information. Registering and/or editing your bank account can only be done through Lending Club.

We do not require a minimum balance; however, we recommend investing at least $2,500 in order to achieve the minimum diversification standard of 100 notes.

Lending Club does require a minimum $1,000 investment in order to open an account on their platform.

You have complete control over the strategy we use to invest on your behalf.

To keep things simple for users who may not be familiar with Lending Club's loan grade system, we offer two targeted strategy choices. This allows for more seamless trading between users, which in turn powers our Liquid Match model.

Simply select the strategy that best matches your personal risk tolerance and investment goals, or create your own. And because your financial goals may change, we give you the flexibility to change your strategy settings at any time.


  • Investor wants to minimize risk while targeting consistent, average returns
  • Blend of loan grades A/B
  • Target Net Return: 4-6% *


  • Investor willing to take on moderate risk to target higher than average yield
  • Blend of loan grades A/B/C/D
  • Target Net Return: 5-7% *


  • Create your own strategy by selecting a custom note allocation
  • Set a percentage for each loan grade A-D
  • Returns will vary

*Target ranges are based on back testing, machine learning, and predictive analytics. User acknowledges past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Folio Note Trading Platform is the secondary market for Lending Club. This is where the buying and selling of already-issued notes takes place.

Because our loan selection and liquidity models utilize both the primary (Lending Club) and secondary (Folio) markets, we require API access to both before we can activate automated investing for any user account.

When you link a Lending Club account, our system will automatically verify secondary market access. If your account is newly created or if you have not previously traded notes through Folio, you may not yet have this access. In this case, you will receive a “further action required” alert from us prompting you to register with Folio.

This is a two-step process that must be done through your Lending Club account.

STEP 1: Submit trading member registration

  • Click here to get started or access the Folio Note Trading Platform directly from your LC account under the "Invest" tab.

    Folio ss1 02c527b6016d224004dd09bcb7aa843bfed156878835adc2e4814f3a706517d2
  • To begin the registration process, select the second option (you will need to both buy and sell on this platform.) Then continue entering your information through the next four registration screens.

    Folio ss2 cd2ff798090b25582fc5f8761876ee476a6d677370d5e6bd7800ac15f4ae89db
  • The final screen will give you a confirmation message that your trading member registration has been received.
    NOTE: It may take up to four (4) business days for Folio to process your registration.

    Folio ss3 68cb2aa0def6c6999689fa51a5869cdeb622d30b6faefb7f5df6c24b38fc3cc4

STEP 2: Sign up for the Folio API

  • Folio will email you when your trading member application has been approved. You will then need to sign up for the Folio API to give Liquid P2P access to trade on your behalf.
  • Scroll to the bottom of your Folio “My Account” page and select the second link under “My Documents.”

    Folio ss4 9fc20732a5d3dda51485f939812ed6cd733c22367e802d204dc7d238163415b1
  • Read and accept the Folio API Terms and Conditions.

    Folio ss5 8797c56288b8c3a7ba2218dcd309c2b3c2f70a5d27fc3f2a9b038a2e734b3d20
  • That’s it! Once our system verifies your Folio access (we run this check multiple times a day), we will immediately enable automated investing for your account.

If it has been more than 4 business days since you registered with Folio, there are two possible reasons we still cannot confirm your secondary market access:

1. You have not yet accepted Folio’s API terms
Once your Folio trading member registration is accepted, you will have manual note trading access only. To give Liquid P2P access to automate trading on your behalf, you must also accept Folio’s API terms as outlined here.
2. An issue with your registration application may be delaying the process.
Folio sends confirmation to the email address associated with your Lending Club account once your trading member application is approved.
They should also contact you if there is an issue with your application. Please double-check your email inbox and spam folder for any communication from Folio.
You may also contact Folio directly at or call (888) 596-3159, 7:00am–5:00pm PST, Mon–Fri.