Our Story

I’ve been an active P2P investor since 2008, shortly after Lending Club launched. Through my own research and experience manually selecting loans, I have been able to achieve consistent above average returns.

In recent years, this new asset class has experienced exponential growth. As I tried to keep up with the fast-pace of loan purchasing and complexity of diversification, I recognized a market opportunity for a tool to simplify the process, keep me well-invested, AND offer a liquidity solution.

I envisioned an automated investing model that would boost returns and accelerate liquidity by harnessing the power of an investor group. In late 2016, I applied for a patent and assembled a first-class team to bring my idea to life. After a full year in beta, we are excited to publicly launch Liquid P2P.com.

- David Fluker, Founder and CEO

Our Team

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Founder and CEO

David is a lifelong entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. An active P2P investor since 2008, he developed the Liquid P2P business concept through his independent research and personal success with this evolving asset class.

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Chief Data Scientist

Guangming is a data scientist and R-programmer with special expertise in machine learning and web technologies. The perfect expert for our team, he also published a book on scoring loan applicants using predictive data analysis.

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Chief Engineer

A startup veteran and experienced Ruby on Rails engineer, Braden is responsible for both front-end and back-end development and is the architect behind the Liquid P2P user interface.

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Chief Financial Officer

Taylor has 25+ years of experience overseeing accounting departments for a variety of businesses and has managed the finances for our founder's family of companies for more than a decade.

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Strategic Adviser

The founder of Interest Radar and a true pioneer of this industry, Ricardo joins our team to lend his long-trusted analytics expertise in an advisory role as our two platforms combine in 2019.

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Marketing and Development

Erin has combined her love of people and passion for writing and design to create a 20-year career in communications and business development across a variety of industries.

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