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Introducing Liquid P2P, the newest automated software solution for Lending Club investors.1

Powered by our patent-pending Liquid Match model, we automate the entire P2P lending experience including loan selection, diversification, reinvesting, and liquidation.

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The returns you want. The liquidity you need.

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Staying well-invested in P2P lending is a complex, fast-paced process that demands automation. We make it simple and automatic, while we keep your money working for you.2

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Our machine-learning algorithms cherry-pick the best loans for your risk tolerance. You have complete control over your strategy settings and the flexibility to change them at any time.3

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Our patent-pending Liquid Match investing model harnesses the power of the group by matching Liquid P2P buyers and sellers first to both boost returns and accelerate liquidity.4

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Take your Lending Club investments to the next level with Liquid P2P
1. Liquid P2P, LLC is third-party software service offered as an automated trading tool for Lending Club investors. Neither Liquid P2P nor its principals are registered with the SEC as investment advisors. We do not provide financial planning services and are not affiliated with Lending Club or its Note Trading Platform operated by Folio Investing, Inc.
2. P2P lending can be a risky investment and may not be suitable for your financial situation. You should conduct your own due diligence before making any investment decision. Use of our service is at your sole discretion and risk.
3. Liquid P2P makes no warranties or representations concerning back testing, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The information included on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Users acknowledge that past performance is no guarantee of future results .
4. Although we make every effort to enhance your liquidity, there is no guarantee that your investments can be sold at fair value. Liquidity is not guaranteed and may not be available once funds are invested.